Composition, Language and Rhetoric

The M.A. in English, Composition, Language and Rhetoric, requires a minimum of thirty-three (33) semester hours (eleven graduate courses).

Required courses for Composition, Language and Rhetoric include:

All courses included in the program must be completed with grades of C or better, and students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Students pursuing the M.A. in English–Composition, Language and Rhetoric who have taken any required courses, such as ENGL 431 Survey of Modern English Grammar, ENGL 465 Research in Composition, or ENGL 466 Current Problems in Composition as undergraduates will, in consultation with the Graduate Program Director, select alternative courses to meet the thirty-three (33) hour requirement.

Capstone Project or Comprehensive Examination:

Students in the Composition, Language and Rhetoric Option are required to either take a Comprehensive Examination or complete a Capstone Research Project before receiving their M.A. in English. Prior to registering for ENGL 530 Directed Research--the Capstone course--students need to complete a form which should remain on file in the Department.

Comprehensive Exams

Students not writing a Capstone are required to take a comprehensive examination in four areas of study before receiving their M.A. in English--Composition, Language, and Rhetoric This usually occurs in the last semester of course work or shortly thereafter. The exam areas are as follows: Composition Theory, Composition Pedagogy, Rhetorical History and Theory and 1 area of expertise chosen by the student in concert with their Director.