Financing Graduate Education



Teaching assistants (TA) teach courses, lead a discussion section, supervise labs, grade papers or meet with students. It’s typically a commitment of approximately 20 hours per week. A TA receives a stipend and sometimes health insurance. Research assistants are most common in science and engineering fields and they assist faculty on research projects in labs and others settings. The third assistantship is a Graduate Assistant (GA) who provides support for students who assist with non-teaching and non-research efforts often in administrative offices.

Federal Loans

This is the most common loan for Master’s and Doctoral level education. There are three types of federal loans for graduate students: 1) low interest Federal Perkins Loans awarded through the financial aid office, 2) Direct PLUS Loans for the U.S. Department of Education, and 3) Direct (Unsubsidized) Loans from the U.S. Department of Education, the most common type of loan for graduate students. The federal student aid website can provide you with more details.

Direct Billing and Tuition Reimbursement Options (PDF)

An application for financial support is generally separate from your application to graduate school. Before submitting your application, contact Salisbury University or our Specialty Education Department to which you are applying to ask for information on sources of financial aid.