Ashley Zajac - Success Story

Ashley Zajac HeadshotFor our research course, I am writing a literature review on the prevalence of overuse lower extremity injuries in female dancers, such as Achilles tendinitis, hip flexor tendinitis or stress fractures. For our last semester in the M.S.A.T. Program, we have to complete an applied research course, in which this research project is the main assignment.

While working on this project, my professor, Dr. Jenny Toonstra, and the athletic trainers at my clinical rotation have been an invaluable resource. Being able to go to these professionals, especially with helping me narrow my research topic and answering general research questions, has been a huge help with this project.

After completing this graduate program, I hope to complete an athletic training internship or residency program with a collegiate athletic team for a year or two, before going on to either find a permanent position as a certified athletic trainer at a college or high school or go abroad and work in the sports medicine field in Europe.