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English Language Institute at Salisbury University Invites You To Study with Us!

Our mission is to offer high-quality English language courses to English as a Second Language (ESL) learners and to students using translation software. We also hope to provide a smooth transition to U.S. culture for international students, professionals and other non-native speakers of English.

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Meet Students and Faculty from SU’s English Language Institute

Salisbury University’s English Language Institute celebrates 10 years of providing a first-class English language program for international students. Sponsoring students from around the world allows SU to enjoy the diversity they bring to the campus and helps these students with a smooth transition to U.S. culture.

Year-Round Instruction for All Levels of English

Experienced instructors teach small classes in our high-quality, comprehensive English language programs. They will encourage you and other students to participate in University clubs, trips and activities so you can make friends, have fun and use English.

Important Information:

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  • Learn about the estimated cost for each program
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  • Download our Student Handbook to learn more about attending Salisbury University

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Salisbury University is the perfect place to study English, enjoy American life and experience this nation’s culture. Learn more about the programs and application process.

Salisbury University is very welcoming to international students. We have a chance to get to know people from all over the world.
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