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Campus Cleaning Procedures

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This page will be updated as information changes.  

The Department of Physical Plant’s facility services team adopted a “Green Cleaning Process” of campus years ago in response to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification process and to disinfect and clean the campus in a healthy and sustainable process. Recently, facility services increased the frequency of disinfecting to daily of all frequently touched and hard surfaces that may come in contact with our hands to reduce germs and the spread of COVID-19 virus. These surfaces include handrails, door knobs, elevator controls, switches, classroom desk tops and similar items. Custodial services reviewed cleaning and disinfectant chemicals with BISM, Acme, and Daycon (outside contract suppliers) to confirm the disinfectant kills the COVID-19 virus. We have worked with our custodial chemical suppliers to make sure we are using the proper chemicals to achieve these goals.

In addition, our floor maintenance program not only cleans and puts a shine on the floors but all common areas are cleaned daily to reduce germs from getting tracked throughout buildings. We use entry walk off systems within all buildings to reduce dirt from getting tracked into the buildings and also vacuum carpeted floors on a routine basis and use a HEPA grade filters within the vacuums to minimize dust particles by 95 percent.

Cleaning Frequency Guide

The mission of facility services is to provide a safe and clean environment in support of the University’s goal to provide a quality education. The following cleaning standards have been implemented during the COVID-19 virus for the campus.

Room Type Frequency Method
Restrooms Daily with routine policing Thorough cleaning and disinfecting of entire restroom
Frequently touched surfaces (door knobs, stair railings, desk tops, and elevator controls) Daily Thorough disinfection of entire surface
Maggs PAC, Stadium, UFC  – showers, locker rooms, and training facilities Daily Thorough cleaning and disinfection of entire area
Classrooms Daily Disinfection of surfaces, vacuum as needed
Health Center Daily Disinfection of surfaces, vacuum as needed
University Police Daily Disinfection of surfaces, vacuum as needed
Laboratories Daily Touched surfaces disinfected and other areas cleaned routinely
Offices Daily, Weekly Trash emptied as needed, surfaces disinfected if permitted or accessible.
Residence hall rooms/suites 2 days per week Bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected. Students responsible for own living space.


Equipment/chemicals utilized

Facility services uses chemicals that have been approved by BISM, Daycon, and Acme for disinfecting of facilities. Facility services also utilizes the EvaClean PX200ES hand held electrostatic sprayer and Purtab mixture in spray bottles for a one-minute kill claim for the COVID-19 virus and also has a 14-hour protection window. Areas that are being treated daily:

  • Locker rooms
  • Public shower areas
  • Elevator controls
  • Light switches
  • Health Center
  • Maggs
  • Training rooms
  • Door knobs
  • Classroom desks
  • Lab tables
  • University Police
  • University Fitness Center

The wax that is utilized on floor tile surfaces has an antimicrobial infused into the wax, causing bacteria to be unable to grow and reproduce.

Hand Sanitizer

The University community is encouraged to utilize bathrooms for the purpose of washing hands, which is stocked by facility services. Facility services does provide and maintain certain hand sanitizer stations located in most buildings on campus. Facility services does not provide individual or jug size hand sanitizers for use, this would be a departmental expense and process. Individual departments would be responsible to fund and refill hand sanitizer stations that are in addition to the locations below. Hand sanitizer locations on campus:

  • Guerrieri Student Union – South entrance
  • Guerrieri Academic Commons – Service Desk & Help Desk
  • Perdue Hall – First floor near room 151
  • Maggs PAC – Near dance studio
  • Holloway Hall – First floor near center elevator
  • Simulation Lab
  • Conway Hall – First floor; two locations: tower entrance and southeast entrance
  • Wicomico Hall – Two locations on first and second floor. One location on third floor
  • Manokin Hall – Two locations on first and second floor. One location on third floor
  • Chester Hall – Near elevator first-sixth floors
  • Severn Hall – Near elevator first-sixth floors
  • Chesapeake Hall – First floor lounge
  • Commons Building – Near cashier’s station
  • Henson Hall – Three locations
  • Devilbiss Hall – First floor
  • Blackwell Hall – Advising desk
  • Fulton Hall – First floor near elevator
  • University Fitness Club
  • Nanticoke Hall – Two locations on first and second floor. One location on third floor
  • Pocomoke Hall – Two locations on first and second floor. One location on third floor
  • Sea Gull Square – Near elevator first-fifth floors; First floor reception; First floor room wing
  • Choptank – near elevator 1st – 6th floors
  • St. Martin Hall – First floor lounge


Supplies responsibility

Facility services is budgeted for and provides hand soap, paper products, hand driers, and other supplies necessary in bathrooms and areas responsible for cleaning.

Department supplied

Departments may elect to provide hand sanitizer or other disinfectants within their department, offices or classrooms.

COVID-19 Additional Notes

  • Facility services will be available to address any urgent disinfectant needs that are determined to be necessary.
  • Frequency will change based on occupancy of space, campus closure or special circumstances.
  • Routine scheduled cleaning, during non COVID-19 conditions, will be adjusted in order to complete tasks under this procedure.
  • Facility services will also modify this procedure based on need or as directed by director of physical plant and/or assistant director of physical plant – facilities services.
  • Procedure will also be modified as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or other credible sources provides guidelines and recommendations.

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