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International Studies Interview Questions

Below are sample interview questions for your field. In preparing for your interview, you should also review typical International Studiesinterview questions asked of all majors, thoroughly research the organization, dress professionally, and visit the interviewing skills section of the SU Career Center’s website. You can practice your interview skills online via Quinncia or schedule a mock interview with a Career Center staff member.

Below are sample International Studies interview questions.

-What are the skills required in International relations?
-Tell me about your international experience.
-Do you speak any languages other than your native language?
-How many languages should you known to work in this department?
-What is the difference between international studies, relations and affairs?
-Why do you believe you will be successful in the field of international studies?
-What is the role of international law?
-Relate your studies and/or experience to this job.
-What are your favorite aspects of international studies?
-What will make India a superpower in the upcoming years?
-What is the role of the UN in peacekeeping in the world?--What do you understand by domestic politics?
-What does the term sovereignty mean in International law?
-Why is the study of political science so important for international relations?
-What are the causes of recession around the world?
-Is democracy good for the country?
-What are the main differences between a realist and a neorealist?
-What are the impacts of globalization on the world?
-What is the theory of militarism?
-What are the practices that countries should follow to ensure security?
-What are the procedures required to develop a foreign policy concept?
-What are the strengths of the European Union?
-What are the weaknesses of the European Union?
-How is globalization affecting the environment?
-What are the different types of human rights?
-Do race, gender and ethnicity affect the international relations?
-Will relocation be a problem?
-How are your interpersonal skills?
-Who are the actors involved in international relations?
-How would best friend describe you?
-Do you like working alone or in a team environment?

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