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Post Graduation Statistics May 2016


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The May 2016 6-10 month out surveys results are listed below.
* There was a total of 1453 students that graduated May 2016. 
* With 1120 completing the survey that is a 77% Response Rate. 
* From that data, we utilized HEP Data to "mine" 37.63% (428 total students HEP Data Located)of those graduates. We now have 692 alumni left.
* We then sent out a survey (via Survey Monkey) to the graduates that could not be accounted for by HEP Data which was 692 students which is 63.12% of the total 1120 graduates.
* 102 alumni completed Survey Monkey which is an additional 9%. 
* We now have 428 (HEP) and Survey Monkey (102) which is a total of 530 alumni who have completed the 6 month out survey.  This is 47% of the 1120 we initially surveyed. 
* This leaves us with 142 additional graduates needed to achieve the NACE 60% rate. (672 (530 plus 142=672) of the initial 1120 equals 60%)
* Our goal is to reach the NACE 60% level which would be a total of 672 students.  We need 142 additional graduates to complete the survey to reach the 60% level.
*We currently have 625 undergraduates entered in our 6-10 month out survey and 62 graduate students entered which gives us a total of 687 alumni entered in the survey.  This gives a total 61.33% return rate which is higher than the 60% required by NACE.

*NOTE-We made changes in the questions to match NACE's survey and we added questions about Career Services

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6-10 MONTH AFTER GRADUATION STATISTICS: (Undergraduate Students)  top

*Data was collected October 2016 to March 2017
*61.33% return rate on this survey and the results were sent to NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) in March 2017
*Utilized HEPData to collect the data and we used SurveyMonkey and SU Alumni Office

Employment Information:
Salary Information:
Job Satisfaction Information:
Graduate School Information:
Internship Information:

Undergraduate Students Who Used Career Services COMPARED to those Students Who Did Not Use Career Services


*Data was collected October 2016 to March 2017
 Employment Information:
Salary Information:
Job Satisfaction Information:
Graduate School Information:
Internship Information:

Career Services Graduation Data:  Graduate Students  (Students selected if they utilized Career Services and if so what services)

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