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Take this Interview Quiz...

Play a really cool interview game and see if you get the job-brought to you by The Washington Post.

1. Tell me about yourself.

A) In high school I played athletics and was active in a couple of clubs.  I haven't had much time in college to do any extra-curricular activities because of my coursework.
B) I have worked part-time all the way through college at Market Street Inn.  I served customers there and took care of any request they had.  This job has taken a lot of my time and has not given me much time to do anything else other than my school work.
C) I am Marketing major at Salisbury University with a Management Minor.  In addition, I have completed two marketing internships at Salisbury University and have learned so much about the marketing field.  In addition to the internships, I have worked for a marketing firm as an Administrative Assistant and have been able to observe the field first hand.
D) Frankly, my background is not really related except my degree.  That is why I am so interested in this job because it is in a career that is novice to me and I always like a new challenge.

2. What's your greatest weakness?

A) I have worked very hard and have no weaknesses.
B) I sometimes become very focused on a project and lose sight of other things but this does help me complete projects. I am working on this.
C) My computer skills are just about non-existent but I do communicate well.
D) I am pretty good at just about everything.

3. What did you like most about your previous job?

A) My last job provided the opportunity for me to work directly in my field even though the challenge was not there all the time.
B) I really enjoyed having weekends off.  It is very important to me to spend the weekends at home with my family.
C) I enjoyed reorganizing the departments’ filing system. My new system resulted in fewer lost papers and greater speed in locating necessary paperwork.

4. Why did you leave your previous employer?

A) My past employer felt that I was not aggressive enough. I have evaluated my interests and strengths and now I realize that I am much more suited to customer service than sales. However, I learned many things from my boss and I can use those skills in a position here.
B) I am not really sure.  I think it was that I became complacent with them.
C) The company cut back on the workforce which makes me available.
D) I truly believe that my supervisor was jealous of some of my accomplishments.  He had no idea how to run the department and I think he was afraid I was moving in on his territory.

5. Describe a difficult co-worker you've had to deal with.

A) This engineer couldn't speak English very well and I never understood her, so I complained to my boss that she needed to not give me instructions on our project because of it.
B) This guy was always flirting with me and asking me out. I ignored him and kept replying with “sorry, I'm married”.
C) This woman hated me and she'd do really petty things to me like steal memos out of my mailbox so I would miss important meetings.
D) Another department's boss used to come down and yell at me and call me names. I'd ask him to calm down and explain, but when he would continue yelling, I'd leave the room.

6. Why should we hire you instead of another applicant?

A) This position looks like it would be really easy to pick up on.
B) Because I believe in doing my best at whatever I do.  Then suggest that your references would confirm that statement.
C) My resume really says it all.
D) I am really good at what I do and am confident I can do the job.

7. Where do you hope to be in five years?

A) I hope to be an officer or director of a department within this bank.
B) I would like to be the president of the bank.
C) To be honest, I really don't know where I want to be in five years.
D) It really depends if I find the employer that fits my lifestyle.

8. This job requires some extra overtime during certain times of the year, including evenings and some Saturdays. Would you be able to do that?

A) I need notice, and could make arrangements.
B) How much overtime, and how many Saturdays?
C) There's always overtime in this field, and most times I can do it.
D) Probably

9.  What do you know about our company?

A)  Not a whole lot.  I have not had a lot of time to research because of my mid-term exams.
B)  I know that I am very interested in working for you because it is such an outstanding organization.
C)  I have researched your company extensively through the web and various reports.  I have also spoken to alumni that work their to acquire their feedback.  Your company is a growing, progressive employer with 56 office nationwide and  12 offices abroad.  You specialize in producing cell phone receptors and employee 7,00 plus people.
D)  A couple of my friends were telling me what a great company you have because I would have the opportunity to advance quickly.

10. Why do you want this job?

A) I'm willing to take anything to get my foot in the door.
B) I need a job close to home until I get my finances balanced out and this job will let e do that.
C) I've worked very hard in college and have learned a lot. I am excited about a new career and  would like to use my skills for an outstanding employer such as yours.
D) I need a job with little travel because I plan to start a family soon.

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