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Job Search Fundamentals

A job search can be somewhat overwhelming with all the posting sites in addition to all the networking media that is job searchavailable. But those venues are an asset that is available at our finger tips and can be unbelievably useful in or job search.  We can now network with people all over the world and identify postings just about anywhere. I am ot saying seeking and  finding a job is easy-it is not and it takes a lot of hard work.  If we devote the time and effort necessary then there is no reason we should not be successful.  Now we begin our job search with these few strategies that are proven to be effective. 

Be Energetic

Employers are looking for positive and upbeat candidates, so it’s important to remain enthusiastic throughout the entire job search process. If you are not positive and enthusiastic you will be viewed as a person who is not a team-player and really does not care about the employer.  Generate as much enthusiasm as possible.

Treat It Like You Own It

You must treat your job search like you own it and it is your business.  You have to show up for work, work hard, be creative, be organized, stay positive and any other skills you need to display to make the job search successful.   You cannot sit around the house feeling sorry for yourself.  This is the most important job you have ever had-finding a job. 

Market Yourself

You need to know what strengths you have before you start your search.  Schedule an appointment with Career
Center staff member if you need help figuring out:
♦ What are you good at and enthusiastic about?
♦ What sets you apart from others and what makes you valuable to an employer (education, skills, experience, certifications)?
♦ What career or job is the best fit for you?
A job search is essentially a sales effort on your part in which you market and sell yourself to prospective employers. Make sure you understand what you have to sell but at a minimum you should create a personal “elevator pitch” – a thirty second summary of why you would be a valuable addition to this particular employer.

Know Your Worth

The job search process can be challenging and humbling. It’s becoming increasingly common for applicants with years of experience to find themselves competing for lower level positions or being turned away without the courtesy of a personal interview. That’s why you must understand your personal and professional worth before you enter the job search. When you understand your value, you are more confident and understanding of what you have to offer.

Understand Your Resources

There are plenty of employment resources available for job seekers. Just think of the many job boards available, all the social medial outlets, the employer databases, alumni networks, etc. all out there waiting to help you. Don't hesitate to let your personal and business contacts know you are searching for a job.  Many of them will be happy to assist you. 
-Also remember Career Services is here to assist with job fairs, on-campus interviews, employer database, job boards, website of job listings, mock interviews and much, much more.

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