Salisbury University students on campus

Big Six Experiences

A recent Gallup-Purdue University study identified six key experiences that lead to undergraduates completing their degrees on-time and lead to higher levels of engagement and satisfaction after graduation. These have become known as “The Big 6 Experiences.” The Career Services Team is here to guide and coach you so that you can collect all six while you are here with us.

  1. Seek out and take classes with professors who get you excited to learn;
  2. Cultivate long term (beyond 1 semester) relationships with professors (and University staff such as Coaches, Career and Academic Advisors) who care about you as an individual;
  3. Find a mentor who will push you to reach your goals;
  4. Work on long-term projects related to topics and issues that interest you (think volunteerism for causes that you care about or that are related to your career interests);
  5. Find a job or complete an internship (or several internships) related to what you are learning and/or hope to pursue for your career;
  6. Get engaged in extracurricular activities and groups. 

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