Summer Transition Programs

As an incoming first-year student, you have the option to attend a student transition program. There are six (6) programs to choose from. Each program is designed to introduce you to upper-class mentors, faculty and staff members who have a passion for orienting new students to our campus, new life skills, bonding experiences with other new students and how to be successful academically and socially at SU.

Registration is through GullNet and opens on April 1, 2019 at 8:30 a.m. Student transitions brochures will be mailed to your home address as soon as they are updated each year. All transition programs require an additional fee listed in the brochure, which is dependent on the program length and distance.

Detailed information with regard to the Summer Transition Programs can be found by clicking the link to the PDF brochure below:

Summer Transition Programs Brochure (PDF)

Our Programs

Enrolling in one of the following four programs will provide you with amazing experiences and connections to head into your first year at Salisbury University.

Please contact the above course directors for detailed information about the programs.