Students Starting Fall 2019

Congratulations on becoming a Sea Gull! We are excited to welcome you to Salisbury University and help you discover all that SU has to offer, from academic resources to making friends and getting involved, to becoming familiar with where things are on campus. Your experience at Orientation will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to our community, our expectations as well as provide you with all the support you need to transition successfully to the flock!

Join us for two transition programs this summer:

Sea Gull Start-Up

Sea Gull Start-Up is a one-day orientation program in June, where you will learn about academic expectations, meet with your academic advisor and review your first-semester schedule and begin to learn about the resources available at SU to support your success. The 2019 dates for Sea Gull Start-Up are June 17th – June 21st and June 24th – 28th. Students will receive more information about this one-day program during the Spring 2019 semester and family members are also invited to participate in an Orientation program designed just for them.

The New Student Guide is a valuable resource to help make their transition to SU a success. A printed copy will be provided to each new student at Sea Gull Start-Up. However, if you’d like to download it electronically, here is the PDF version of The New Student Guide.

PDF version of The New Student Guide.

First Flight

First Flight, is a multiple day program facilitated by student leaders from across campus that will begin immediately following move-in. First Flight will provide more valuable information about becoming part of a college community, making friends, getting involved and becoming comfortable at your new home at SU. Information for both first-year and transfer students will be provided, so even if you’re not living on campus, please be sure to join us!

First Flight Schedule

  • First Year Students: You will receive your First Flight information, group number and final schedule when you check in at your residence halls.
  • Commuter Students: You will check in and receive your First Flight information, group number, and final schedule when you check in at Perdue Lawn.
  • Transfer Students: The First Flight schedule is for you as well. You will be placed in groups with other transfer students in order for you to receive a proper orientation and transition into the Sea Gull family. Transfer Students, you will also be checking-in on Perdue Lawn.
  • Parents and Family Members: We have a special reception for you once your student has moved in! Join Dr. Wight in Holloway Hall Great Hall at 3 p.m. on August 22 for a Sweet Welcome!