COVID-19 Precautions Continue for Winter Term

Educational Webinars

We are so proud of all our 50,000-plus graduates who are living and working around the world. Each and every one of you automatically is part of the SU Alumni Association. Please take full advantage of the benefits we have to offer!

Sea Gull Workouts

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Salisbury University Alumni Association is offering six weeks of workout sessions. We have teamed up with three SU graduates who will be hosting live Zoom events. These workouts will be for all skill levels and will not involve any equipment.

Media Literacy Presentation & Discussion

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Learn about the ways in which we seek and process information, the pervasiveness of fake news and how we can evaluate information that we see.

More Zoom Tips and Latest Updates with Dr. Louise Anderson

Dr. Anderson Headshot Dr. Louise Anderson, Associate Professor / Music
  • Show the annotator’s name while using the Whiteboard
  • Meeting filters in Zoom
  • Adding Snap Camera filters to Zoom
  • Sharing PowerPoint as a Virtual Background
  • Air-share using iPhone or iPad
  • Share only a portion of the screen in Zoom
  • Adjust the “Touch Up My Appearance”
  • Adjust for low lighting

Watch Recording

Attendees can now choose the breakout room they want to enter AND they can move between breakout rooms without the help of the host. Watch Recording


Defeating the Zoom Zombie: 5 Strategies for Successful Online Meetings

Zoom Zombies Poster ImageIn our increasingly virtual world, online meetings have become a regular part of our daily lives. While meetings of any type are rarely on the top of people’s lists of favorite things to do, the virtual world presents additional challenges. What is the etiquette of this new landscape? How do we maintain professionalism while working from home and wearing shorts? How do I get people engaged when they can be answering emails or playing video games during my meeting?