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Matching Gift Corporations

If you are affiliated with a company that matches contributions to higher education institutions, your gift to Salisbury University may be doubled or even tripled. Hundreds of companies offer matching gift programs. To find out if you work for one of them, use the matching gift search on this screen or consult your human resources office, which will also provide you with a matching gift form. Complete the matching gift form (unique to your employer) and send it with your gift to:

Salisbury University Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 2655
Salisbury, Maryland 21802

The Foundation Office will process your form and notify your employer. Matching gifts count toward personal recognition clubs.

More Information:

Can I restrict the matching gift? ... The Salisbury University Foundation tries to follow the company's policy for restricted gifts. If the policy of the company is to restrict its matching gift to the same program or department as yours, then the matching gift will follow your restrictions. If the company requests that their matching gift not be restricted, then their gift will be unrestricted and help benefit the needs of Salisbury University. Either way, whether restricted or unrestricted, you get credit for the match, and Salisbury University benefits from the additional gift.