Salisbury University students on campus

Academic Program

SU Bridges students live and take classes on SU’s campus, are enrolled in courses taught by WWCC faculty and receive WWCC credits for one semester. After successfully completing the fall semester with a grade point average of 2.0 or higher, students are automatically enrolled at SU to begin classes in the spring semester. To learn more about WWCC, visit the Wor-Wic Website.

Curriculum Overview

Students enroll in 12-16 credits, comprised of courses that meet SU’s General Education requirements. The upcoming SU Bridges course list is available here:

  • At least 12 credits must be taken through WWCC, and one course may be taken through SU.
  • Students enroll in 12-15 credits, comprised of courses that meet SU’s General Education requirements.
  • In order to participate, students must not have received credit for more than one equivalent course listed below:

WWCC Fall Courses

Course # Course Name Credits
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3 credits
COM 101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication 3 credits
HST 201 American History I 3 credits
PHL 101 Introduction to Philosophy 3 credits
PHE 106 Integrated Health and Fitness 3 credits


  • General Education is SU’s program to provide students with a broad experience in the liberal arts and is required of all students. Courses offered in the program span a variety of disciplines. To learn more about General Education.
  • Successful completion of the SU Bridges Program occurs at the end of the fall semester when at least 12 transferable credits with a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA have been earned—those who meet these requirements are admitted to SU for the spring; those who do not meet the requirements are released from the SU program and may not enroll at SU for the spring semester.

Academic Support

  • A fall schedule will be created for SU Bridges students. Students will receive this schedule at SU's Orientation program during the summer where they will meet their advisor. SU Bridges students will meet with an advisor to pre-register for spring SU classes like all other students enrolled for the fall semester. To learn more about SU advising.
  • SU’s Center for Student Achievement (CSA) will provide additional academic support and advising to students. In addition, a dedicated graduate student acts as a mentor and guide to participants. To learn more about the visit the CSA Website.