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Strategic Planning and Budget Committee

The Strategic Planning and Budget Committee will review the University's pursuit and achievement of the Strategic Plan and other associated goals. In concert with that process, the Strategic Planning and Budget Committee will consult various campus constituents and subsequently recommend modifications and/or enhancements during the annual budgeting process, including additional budget items or the elimination of items.

The charge of the Committee is as follows:

  • Establish a process for prioritizing recommendations for new funding, funding reductions or the reallocation of funds.
  • Participate in activities to build a working knowledge of the University, USM, DLS and DBM budget and budgeting processes, including awareness of university fiscal conditions, constraints and opportunities.
  • Share information about the committee's process and outcomes with all relevant campus constituencies. Solicit input that will inform recommendations.
  • Provide recommendations for new or expanded initiatives, enhancements and/or reallocations. Recommendations should be accompanied by cost estimates, expected outcomes, metrics for success, and where applicable, an identified source of funding.

The Strategic Planning and Budget Committee charge, and the process used therein, may be modified by the President and Cabinet as necessary.