Sophomore Year Experience

Heads Up, Sophomores!

Give or take a few credit hours, it’s the second quarter of your college career. What’s your game plan? A sports analogy may or may not work for you, but the goal of the Sophomore Year Experience (SYE) program is to help you to make the most of your second year at Salisbury University. Though events will bear the SYE brand, SYE is not something you just show up for. The real SYE is what you decide to do with the next year of your life. As any college grad will tell you, this is a great time. For many of you, it’s a gateway to adulthood, with opportunities for personal growth, community involvement and professional development.

Sophomore Year Experience 2019

SYE is a program designed to: 1) maximize the quality of opportunities available to students during their second year at SU 2) provide the support and assistance needed for students to make a smooth transition and be successful during their second year and 3) acquaint sophomores with the variety of opportunities that their college career offers through academic programs and related services that are available across campus and in the community.

Your Sophomore 10

  1. Go to Downtown Salisbury for 3rd Friday, Sept. 21, for the Sophomore Art Contest Winner Free T-shirt Giveaway. Find out more information about the 3rd Friday monthly events.
  2. When you’ve declared your major – get to know your advisor by meeting, not just during program planning – to talk about your future plans.
  3. Share your experience at Salisbury so far through the SYE website and social media pages.
  4. Look out for opportunities in September to meet faculty in your school aimed at making the most of your academic experience.
  5. Find out about Salisbury’s affordable semester study abroad programs at the Study Abroad Fair on Friday, Sept. 7.
  6. Pick up a copy of Panorama, SU’s cultural events publication, and attend three events.
  7. Choose an SU athletic team to follow and support. View their schedules and go to a game.
  8. Visit the Career Services office or website and make a plan to do an internship.
  9. Take a stand! Make your campus and community stronger by getting involved with the issues you care about. Our Institute for Public Affairs and Civil Engagement can help.
  10. If you haven’t joined a student organization, stop in at the Student Activities Fair from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 31, on Devilbiss lawn.