Kognito Training Testimonials

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  • “I can’t tell you enough what a great program this is. On my second time taking it, I actually chose what I thought would be the wrong thing to say to see what would happen and it is amazing how varied the student responses were. I hope there is compliance on this. It’s so worthwhile.” - Jacqueline Maisel, Registrar
  • “I completed the training and the follow-up survey. I found the training was well done and very helpful.” - Susie West, Administrative Assistant, Center for Student Achievement
  • “Thanks! This was helpful. I sometimes feel helpless with a student in distress, and I’m a bit encouraged by these tips!”- Dr. Judith Stribling, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
  • “I found this training invaluable: it alerted me to warning signs that are easily missed, and it reminded me of the importance of faculty in identifying them. It also helped me better understand the many resources we have to help our students.” - Dr. Elsie Walker, Faculty, Film Studies, Department of English
  • “The staff here thought highly of the Kognito training. They particularly liked the “advice” bubbles that popped up when making different selections as the conversation went along, and the explanations of why some choices were good ones.” - Student Health Services Staff
  • “I encourage you to take the Kognito faculty training provided by the Counseling Center. I took it, found it interesting and stimulating, and learned a lot. I also found it very interesting from an online course design perspective as well. Obviously it is not going to make us into trained counselors, but in my opinion it can help in dealing with difficult students. Who knows, it might also help in dealing with your own kids!” - Catherine Beise, Professor Emeritus, Perdue Business School