Fraternity Recruitment

Fraternity recruitment occurs at the beginning of every fall and spring semester. Fraternity recruitment begins with a week of "Go Greek" when potential new members (PNMs) are encouraged to learn about all of the fraternities on campus. If interested in joining a fraternity, students must register online at:

Fraternity Registration Website

At the end of "Go Greek" week is an event called "Meet the Brothers." At meet the brothers, students interested in joining a fraternity rotate through different rooms learning about each fraternity. Each fraternity has 10 minutes to education the PNMs about their chapter and inform the students of the chapter's upcoming rush events.

Following meet the brothers, there are two weeks of "Rush", when fraternities plan and hold events at various times throughout Rush that PNMs attend in order to meet brothers of fraternities that they are interested in. Students may attend as many rush events for as many fraternities as they like. Students are encouraged to attend as many as possible so that they can find the fraternity that is the right fit for them.

At the end of the 2 weeks of Rush, fraternities will hold and interview process called "Bid Night". PNMs attend the bid night(s) of the fraternities that they hope to join. At bid night, each PNM will be interviewed. The chapter will use this interview along with their interactions throughout rush in order to decide whether or not the PNM is given a bid. A bid is an invitation to join the fraternity.

Potential new members that received one or more bids attend "Bid Day" a few days after they have been interviewed in order to accept the bid of their choice. After a bid has been accepted, the students are announced one by one and are welcomed by their respective chapter. This concludes the recruitment process and the fraternities begin their own respective new member education programs.