Salisbury University Greek Assessment Program


The Greek Steering Committee is an open forum designed to provide direction and guidance to the Salisbury University Fraternity and Sorority Community. Through dialogue, assessment, and collaboration, the Committee aims to create initiatives that advance the Greek agenda, and provide expectations and policies for recognized chapters at the University. A variety of stakeholders, including undergraduates, chapter officers, alumni advisors, faculty/staff advisors, and administrators are invited to participate.

In response to the charges outlined in A Call for Values Congruence, the Greek Steering Committee began meeting in February 2007 for the specific purposes of defining a set of shared expectations and creating an assessment tool to measure compliance. A variety of standards, evaluation models, and “best practices” were studied, including those in use by National Fraternity/Sorority Headquarters and other institutions of higher education (see Source Documents). The Committee was asked to, not only evaluate where the Community is presently, but to set the proverbial bar at a level that ensured the continued existence of Greek Life at the University.

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The resulting Salisbury University Greek Assessment Program (SUGAP) is both a quantitative and qualitative measurement of organizational success in a given academic year. It defines the type of chapter that we believe our existing organizations have the potential to be, while also providing a blueprint for future expansion groups. Although the SUGAP should be viewed primarily as an incentive-based program with opportunities for positive reinforcement and recognition, accountability remains a major theme. In the modern world of higher education, fraternities and sororities must continue to justify their place at the table through word and deed.