COVID-19 Precautions Continue for Fall Semester

COVID-19 Updates

As always, the health, safety, and wellbeing of the campus community is our top priority, and it should be yours as well. We’re here to learn and have fun, but safety comes first! There are specific expectations for student behavior outside of the classroom when participating in student events, programs & activities; these are outlined below. These expectations include, but are not limited to, event registration processes, contactless event check-in, social distancing, sanitizer stations, masks & face coverings, sanitizing, specific event signage/directions, and regulations related to food & drinks.

Events will not be approved and reservations will be cancelled if guidelines are not followed. No off-campus events are permitted under the current COVID –19 restrictions. RSOs/FSL chapters holding events off campus or found in violation of University and CSIL requirements for on campus events, will be suspended for the remainder of the semester. Individuals will be denied access to university sponsored events if they do not comply with the University’s and the sponsoring organization’s requirements for public health and safety. As an Organization or Chapter leader, it will be important for you to familiarize yourself with the information below. The University will review and adjust these guidelines as the pandemic continues to evolve.

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Registered Student Organization and FSL Chapter Re-Registration & Updated Requirements

The Center for Student Involvement & Leadership (CSIL) recognizes the importance of engagement opportunities for our students, and we hope that all of our Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) will be active during the fall 2020 semester. CSIL also recognizes that the pandemic may have altered plans for the fall. If your RSO would like to “pause” for the fall, we understand. However, the “pause” option is not available to Fraternity and Sorority Life chapters.

 Your organization may choose to “PAUSE” because many of your members are not coming to campus, or because you cannot operate efficiently given the new guidelines and requirements. Either way, we want to give all RSOs the opportunity to “pause” for the fall. If your organization would like to “pause” with no penalty for their tier recognition, please complete the FALL 2020 RSO “PAUSE” REQUEST FORM by August 31st. Please talk with your membership and advisor before completing the request form. Most importantly, please note that if you choose to “pause” for the fall you are making the decision for the entire semester (you cannot change your mind), and you will not be able to make any room reservations or spend any money from your RSO account (you will be able to make deposits, if necessary).

For RSOs who plan to remain active, RSO Re-registration is currently open, and available  on Involved@SU. All active RSOs will be required to complete the following throughout the fall 2020 semester to remain active and in good standing:

  • Re-register organization on Involved@SU
  • Advisor must complete re/commitment form
  • Attend Mandatory President’s Meeting (1:1) with CSIL Staff (will be held virtually)
  • Assign an SGA Representative/Attend all SGA Forums (will be held virtually)
  • Budget Manager/Treasurer must attend the Funding 101 workshop with Appropriations Board (will be held virtually)

Virtual Meetings & Events

Please note that all RSO and FSL meetings (executive board/general/small/large) must take place virtually using a platform like Zoom. No requests for in-person meetings (inside/outside/in event spaces/in classrooms) will be approved.

At this time, virtual events remain the safest way for student engagement opportunities. We encourage all RSOs and FSL chapters to utilize virtual platforms (ex. Zoom) to host all meetings and other programming for students. Please note that all Virtual Events will still need to go through our regular event process, which includes adding your event to Involved@SU, meeting with your CSIL Point of Contact, etc.

To utilize Zoom, navigate to Salisbury’s Zoom page to join, host or sign into your account. Zoom offers a great array of support for the platform, that you can find on their site

For local Zoom support, please contact the Salisbury University Help Desk at 410-677-5454 or by submitting a ticket on the Technology Support Center.

Safe In-Person Events

All in-person events must adhere to the guidelines as outlined by the University, and must go through the event approval process, which includes securing a space through Facilities Reservations, meeting with your CSIL Point of Contact, adding your event to Involved@SU, utilizing event registration, tracking attendance, adhering to social distancing, sanitization, masks and face coverings, and all other university guidelines for events. See more specific guidelines for safe in-person events below.

Event Capacity

The maximum number of participants at any given event will be determined through the reservations process by a combination of:

  • University guidelines
  • Laws, ordinances, and recommendations by government and public health officials
  • The size of the space/room/venue allowing for social distancing as determined by the venue
  • The ability of participants to comply with University guidance related to social distancing

Any event request with an anticipated attendance above the COVID Capacity, or an event that has potential for outside vendors, speakers, etc. will need approval from the Dean of Students. Please note that the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership will help navigate this approval process. Additionally, CSIL and/or facility managers may impose additional attendance limits on individual events based on the nature of the activity. CSIL also has the authority to deny any event requests that will not be able to meet the guidelines for safe events.

Club Sports

In accordance with the suspension of CAC-sponsored sports in the fall and the suspension of athletic-run club sports, CSIL-run club sports will be suspended during the fall semester. Practice opportunities will be considered assuming they meet both SU and local guidelines. To be considered, club sports leaders will need to be granted specific permission for space by the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership.

Registered Student Organization and FSL Chapter Travel

Given the unpredictable nature of COVID-19 spread and the inherent risks associated with traveling, Registered Student Organization and FSL chapter travel will not be permitted during the fall 2020 semester. This includes all RSO and FSL trips, conferences, and competitions, regardless of how the travel is being funded. Personal student travel will be discouraged in order to decrease the spread of COVID-19. Self-quarantine will be recommended if a student travels somewhere with a higher level of COVID-19.

Dance, Exercise & Singing Registered Student Organizations

Given the risk associated with the spread of COVID-19 in dance, exercise, and singing, these specific types of Registered Student Organizations will not be allowed to have in-person gatherings, whether inside or outside, and will not be able to reserve space on campus. The Center for Student Involvement & Leadership will support the function of these groups virtually.