Advisor Resources

Serving as an advisor does require and carries a certain amount of responsibility and commitment to the RSO you are advising. These guidelines have been designed to assist you in understanding those responsibilities and commitments.

Guidelines to become a successful advisor

While all groups vary in their expectations and needs, there are some basic guidelines to become a successful advisor:


  • Event Planning Guide - This guide is a great resource for the processes used in the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership (CSIL). If you find you have a question that is not mentioned in this guide, please feel free to contact a staff member at 410-543-6125 or in GSU 125 for further assistance.
  • RCO Recognition Status- If you are unsure as to whether your organization is recognized, de-recognized, or on the brink of de-recognition, contact someone from SGA for a list of what events have and have not been completed by each RCO.
  • RCO Recognition Process- If your organization has become de-recognized, and you are interested in becoming re-recognized, or if you are interested in starting an organization, this link will provide you with a step by step guide through each of those processes.
  • Incident Report Form