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Strategic Innovation Fund Process and Timeline


Step 1
Individuals or teams (faculty, staff and students are all eligible) develop innovative ideas that support one or more themes of the SU Strategic Plan and integrate with the Salisbury Seven.

Step 2
Proposals are submitted to the SU Strategic Innovation Council for review. The Strategic Innovation Council reviews and provides feedback. These pre-proposals are required and any pre-proposal will be eligible to continue to final submission.

Step 3
Applicants will revise and refine their proposals, as appropriate. The Strategic Innovation Council, Strategic Planning and Budget Committee, and Governance Consortium Committee  will review and provide feedback to University leadership. Further review will include the President, President’s Cabinet and the Provost. The President will announce the awards.

Step 4
Final budgets and milestones will be established. Annual reports will be reviewed by the Strategic Innovation Council and posted on the Salisbury University Innovation website.


September 1, 2023 – Proposals Due: Submit to 
September 15, 2023 – Final Review by the Strategic Innovation Council and Governance Consortium Committee
October 1, 2023 – Proposal Final Review (President's Cabinet)