Moving Forward Together

Dear Members of the Campus Community,

In the last few days, we have had a number of challenging but meaningful conversations about racism and ways we can address this and related issues on our campus and in our community. Last night, I met with and heard from students and other members of our campus community about the issues they face and we discussed potential solutions.

I want you to know that I listened. We will continue to work with students, faculty and staff on a comprehensive approach to addressing many of these matters. These issues will not be solved overnight, but we are taking some immediate steps:

  • I am committed to doing a better job communicating with our campus community. I will be more active on social media and look for additional platforms and methods to provide information and receive feedback. Make sure to follow @presidentwight on Instagram and Twitter. In addition to our existing Alertus emergency alert system, we are working on finding a way the University can send text messages to students when important information needs to be shared.
  • We are gathering information about the completion of required diversity and sensitivity training with the goal of achieving 100% faculty and staff compliance.
  • I heard many of the suggestions students had about revising curriculum to become more attentive to the growing diversity of our student population. I will work with faculty and the Faculty Senate to implement changes in the coming months.
  • The SU Police Department has deployed additional resources and is in contact with allied law enforcement agencies to maintain a safe campus.

This has been a difficult week for our community, but I have been encouraged by the passion and resilience of our students and their determination to send a strong message that hatred and discrimination have no place on our campus. I was especially heartened by the thoughtful and poignant messages students left throughout Fulton Hall today. I am proud that they have chosen to fight hatred with one of the most powerful resources at their disposal — positivity.

I have a renewed sense of confidence that we will come out of this stronger and move forward toward a better SU – together.

Charles A. Wight