HOPECorps Partner Sites

Becoming a Partner Site

HOPECorps AmeriCorps members engage in direct service to increase educational outreach concerning heroin and opioid prevention, build the organizational capacity to address critical needs and assist with volunteer management by partnering with community-based organizations, schools, governmental agencies, non-profits, and faith-based organizations.

Sites can choose to have half-time members at 900 hours (approx. 20 hours/week), quarter-time members at 450 hours (approx. 10 hours/week) or minimum-time members at 300 hours (approx. 8 hours/week) during the 48 week service year.

The service year starts in August upon receipt of grant funding.

For more information please read our partner site information sheet.

HOPECorps Service Sites for 2017/2018 Service Year

Listed below are our partner service sites with the member responsibilities at each of our sites. Please refer to the organization's website for more information about the agency or specific agency programs.