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Cultural Laureate Program (CLP)

A Salisbury University education is more than classroom learning, shaping a future career and making new friends. Seize the amazing cultural opportunities offered at SU to expand your appreciation of various art forms and your awareness of artistic expressions across cultures. Programs similar to SU’s CLP are offered at a limited number of private and public universities around the country. At some select private schools, participation is mandatory in recognition of the important role that the arts and other extracurricular activities play in contributing to a complete education. SU embraces this philosophy of the value of cultural appreciation.

How do I participate in the CLP?

SU students are invited to participate in the Cultural Laureate Program by attending at least five different cultural events per semester. Choose from a selected list of events on SU’s campus, including concerts, theatre, dance, lectures and exhibits. CLP-approved events are listed in the brochure linked at the top of this page.

How is my attendance at these events recorded?

Look for the Sign! Look for the CLP representative at the entrance to the event to sign in or swipe your GullCard. You are expected to stay and enjoy the entire event. Your attendance at CLP events is tracked by SU’s Office of Cultural Affairs; attend at least five different events during the semester and you will become a Cultural Laureate.

What are the rewards of becoming a Cultural Laureate?

  • Experience five or more outstanding cultural events per semester
  • Take full advantage of your SU education
  • Get a healthy break from your studies
  • Become part of a great learning community
  • Receive a certificate of appreciation and a letter of congratulations from Salisbury University’s Office of Cultural Affairs for each semester you earn Cultural Laureate status
  • Achieve Cultural Laureate status for three semesters during your academic career at SU and you will earn an honors cord to wear at commencement