Salisbury University students on campus

A Word From Our Chairperson

Impact – When thinking about impact at Salisbury University there is:

  • The impact that the Salisbury University Foundation, Inc. has on the campus community.
  • The impact that you have on past,present and future SU students.

To learn more about the SU Foundation and what you have done and can do as supporter, join me as we review results and look to the future.

I frame those results as we consider who we are and what we do:

  • We are influencers, inspiring and guiding our students.
  • We are members of the community, supporting and promoting the University and the Foundation.
  • We are parents, providing for the future of young adults.
  • We are alumni, giving back to the institution that supported many of us.
  • We are critical thinkers, being diverse in thought and unafraid to pose hard questions.
  • We are teachers, sharing what we have learned with those with open minds.
  • We are entrepreneurs, coaching those who wish to learn and take risks.
  • We are philanthropists, seeking to promote the welfare of others.
  • We are stewards, shouldering the responsibility of being entrusted to care for the resources held by our Foundation.
  • We utilize our vast experience, focusing on continuous improvement while planning for the Foundation's perpetuality.
  • We show up and show well, utilizing the gifts of our time, resources and knowledge to the benefit of the University.
  • We Are SU, supporting our students because without our students there would be no Salisbury University.