Salisbury University students on campus

Redesign Project Team

It takes the entire campus to make a really impactful website come to life. There are however, a few members of the campus community who were charged right from the start to make all of this happen. They have done yeoman’s work on this project – from drafting the RFP to creative concepts to template coding – they have worked hard to make the new site look, sound, and feel like SU. I thank them for every hour they dedicated to it (many of which were done after hours)!

Core Website Redesign Team Members:

  • Ken Kundell
  • Aaron Basko
  • John Nieves
  • Tristan Marino
  • Todd Smith
  • Christine Smith
  • Debbie McMahon
  • Katie Curtin
  • Sue Eagle

Redesign Development Team Members:

  • Todd Smith
  • Andrew Coulbourne
  • Crystal Kelly
  • Earnest Gould
  • Christine Smith
  • Christopher Assaf
  • Katie Curtin
  • Kathy Pusey
  • Debbie McMahon
  • Mikayla Wiseman
  • Richard Culver
  • Jason Rhodes
  • Lori Pauling
  • Marina Feeser
  • Megan Baker
  • Nicole Bennett
  • Dave Raizen
  • Sue Eagle

Student Summer Interns:

  • Emma DePanise - Copywriting and Editing
  • Emili Hibbitts – SEO and Web Development
  • Kathleen Kaste - Photography
  • Ralph Mehitang – Web Development