Salisbury University started its recycling program in 1980. Since 2012, at least 50 percent of all campus waste is recycled. Think that’s enough? Tell that to the Student Government Association! Each semester, through its Recycle Madness competition, student organizations compete to see which one can turn in the most recyclable material in a single day. Some save up their cardboard, aluminum cans and plastic bottles for months!

Where to Recycle at SU

We have 12 large outdoor recycling containers, along with smaller receptacles in hallways, office suites and classrooms of all academic and administrative buildings. The large receptacles are “single-stream,” meaning you can place glass, cardboard, paper and plastics in the same container.

However, that doesn't mean everything can be recycled. Here are some tips to help you determine which bin to use.

Do This

  • Recycle paper, empty plastic bottles, cardboard and glass
  • Recycle batteries in specified locations
  • Leave printer ink cartridges for the Recycling Program to pick up (not in bins)
  • Call the Recycling Program Office at 410-543-6283 to arrange pickup of large loads or if you have questions about whether an item is recyclable
  • Learn more about procedures for recycling SU-owned electronics 

Not This

  • Place liquid in recycling bins
  • Dispose of food in recycling bins
  • Dispose of Styrofoam in recycling bins
  • Place plastic bags in recycling bins (though they can be recycled at some off-campus stores)
  • Dispose of batteries in general recycling bins or in the trash (they contain substances detrimental to the environment surrounding landfills)
  • Place materials in paper-shredding bins that do not need to be shredded