Technology Support Services Student Worker Training: Answering the Phones

Instructor: Stephen Ashby, IT Support Associate

This module covers answering and routing incoming phone calls and using the phone log.

Referenced materials can be found in the Help Desk folder on the O: drive.

  • Phone Etiquette: O:\Helpdesk\Documentation\Help_Desk\HelpDesk_PhoneEtiquette.docx
  • Call Protocol flowchart (PDF): O:\Helpdesk\Documentation\Help_Desk\Student Jobs\HelpDesk_CallProtocol.pdf
  • Using Voicemail: O:/Helpdesk/Documentation/Help_Desk/HelpDesk_UsingVoicemail.docx
  • Protocol for iSupport and Voicemails (PDF) - O:/Helpdesk/Documentation/Help_Desk/HelpDesk_TaskProtocolFlowchart.pdf