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IT Student Workers Training and Information

This site will have training and information useful to students employed by Information Technology.

Note: links to the O: drive on this site will only work when logged into an SU computer with your student worker account and using Internet Explorer.

Call Out Requests

Starting Fall 2017, if you are looking for someone to pick up a shift or trade a shift with you, once you have gotten permission from Kevin and Stephen to look for coverage, you will use the tradeboard in WhenToWork. Once a shift has been picked up and approved, the change will automatically appear in WhenToWork. Use to let your fellow co-workers know you have a shift up on the tradeboard. A guide on using the tradeboard can be found here: Time Off and Schedule Change, and you can also view a video tutorial as well: (starts at 7:08 and ends at 8:38).

  • Step 1: Email Kevin and CC Stephen asking for permission to look for coverage.
  • Step 2: If approved, put your shift up on the tradeboard and email to let them know.
  • Step 3: Follow up if your shift has not been picked up. Let Kevin know (and CC Stephen) if you hare having trouble finding coverage so that he can offer more options.
  • DO NOT ASSUME THAT SINCE YOU HAVE PUT YOUR SHIFT UP ON THE TRADEBOARD THAT YOU CAN MISS YOUR SHIFT. If it is not covered, you will need to talk to Kevin about options.
  • If you are looking for Permanent coverage, note that in the Tradeboard entry. If you are interested in picking up a shift permanently, go ahead and pick up all of the shifts.

If you are calling out for any reason (sick, emergency, cannot find coverage, etc.), you will need to email Kevin and Stephen for approval to miss your shift. For emergencies or weekend callouts, you should also call Kevin on his cell phone. Until Kevin approves your request to miss your shift, you are responsible for working it!

If approved, Kevin or Stephen will enter your time out request in WhenToWork, and the change will be reflected on your schedule. Call out requests that are received after hours or over the weekend may not be reflected in WhenToWork until the next business day.

Pay Dates

For the full pay schedule for the current fiscal year, see the Payroll Office's Regular and Contractual Pay Schedules page.