Wellness Tips

Here are just a few suggestions on how you can integrate the dimensions of wellness into your life.

  • Physical

    Replace your soda, juice, or coffee with a glass of water, and you've taken one small but important step toward well-being.

    Lean muscle burns 10 – 15 times more calories per pound than fat.

  • Behavioral

    Before you can stop procrastinating, you need to figure out why you’re doing it. Most people procrastinate for one of three reasons: perfectionism, emotional avoidance, or fear.

    Putting off that big project? Do something small toward your goal each day. Schedule just 20 minutes on a project.

  • Emotional

    Set aside some quiet time to write your thoughts about your goals, values, or concerns. If something negative comes to mind, flip the page, write it there, and clear it from your head. Once you’re done, take time to read over your positive thoughts.

    Make a regular habit of mind/body practices such as yoga, tai chi, and meditation to reduce your emotional reactivity.

  • Spiritual

    Exercise your imagination frequently. Stay in touch with the child within. Adopt an attitude of playfulness. Humor and pleasure can be tremendous stress buffers.

    Open yourself to chance: Some choices take you exactly where you need to go; others take you by surprise. Let them. All we have is the integrity of this moment, and the calm that comes from trusting what lies ahead.

  • Social

    Invest in the relationships that bring meaning to your life and that you know will be with you for the long haul.

    Active listening means devoting your attention to what someone is saying. It requires you to listen with an open mind uncluttered by inner dialogue. Concentrate on understanding what the other person is saying, not on phrasing your response.

  • Intellectual

    Try doing something creative for five minutes everyday. Draw a quick picture with colored pencils just for fun or write a short poem. Even the smallest burst of creativity may inspire you.

* * *

Source: Center for Wellness Harvard University Health Services