eBay Purchases

ProCard holders are now permitted to make purchases from eBay.  The guidelines presented below should be followed when purchasing from this source.

  • Conflict of Interest.  Purchasing items from yourself, immediate family members or other University employees is strictly prohibited.
  • ProCard holders should verify with their Reviewer/Department Head that it is acceptable to purchase from eBay.
  • Purchasing new items is preferred over used.  If contemplating the purchase of used items, ProCard holders are asked to weigh the cost benefits versus the risk of damaged items or items that are not what the seller represented them to be. 
  • ProCard holders should always review a sellers feedback ratings and avoid those with poor reviews.
  • Buyer Beware.  Several State agencies have encountered generic or fake merchandise.  If it sounds too good to be true, it might be.
  • The State of Maryland Comptroller’s Office, and other similar entities, routinely review eBay transactions during their monthly audits.  Cardholders should keep detailed documentation and be prepared for review of all eBay transactions.
  • As with all packages that are shipped via Fed Ex or UPS, Support Services receiving personnel must be notified in advance.