Maryland General Assembly Updates 2017

The 2017 Legislative Session begins January 11 and runs through April 10. Below are the links to some of the pertinent information regarding the session. However; to obtain full details, please visit the General Assembly of Maryland.

Salisbury University typically presents a testimony every other year. We presented at both the 2015 and 2016 sessions due to the State reassigning the order in 2016. This year we are not scheduled to present a testimony.

Please review The USM Overview prepared by the Department of Legislative Services.

The Legislative Sessions are public and can be viewed on the following links and on the General Assembly Website. USM presented their testimony on February 1 with the House and February 2 with the Senate.

For those who would like to understand the State budget process, visit the Citizen’s Guide to the Budget webpage for some helpful information.

The FY2018 Proposed Budget Books for the State of Maryland have not yet been published. We expect this to be near the end of January and will update the link on this website as soon as they are released.

Senate and House Bills that affect Higher Education are sent to each institution to make a response to the fiscal and operational impact that would occur if the Bill were to pass. The Bills that have been sent to us thus far are as follows:

The Budget office will continue to update this webpage to provide up to date information regarding the Legislative Session.