Status & Timeline

Fall 2018
  • SWOT Analyses Completed with campus governance groups
    • Faculty Senate
    • Graduate Student Council (GSC)
    • Staff Senate
    • Strategic Planning and Budgeting Committee (SPBC)
    • Student Government Association (SGA)
January  2019
  • SWOT results summarized and refined for SPBC
  • Campus-wide focus groups planned using SWOT results
February-March 2019 
  • Conduct campus-wide Focus Groups to develop ideas for strategies related to SWOT results to include in next Strategic Plan
May 2019
  • Summarize and share Focus Group results
May-September 2019
  • Drafting of the Strategic Plan and feedback from SPBC and Executive Staff
October 2019
  • Share Draft Strategic Plan with campus for feedback
November-December 2019
  • Incorporate feedback and finalize Strategic Plan
  • Receive feedback from campus community by November 15
January 2020
  • Implement Strategic Plan