Goal 4: Deepening Engagement with the Community

Salisbury University contributes to Eastern Shore communities and the educational, economic, cultural, and social needs of the State and nation. We have expanded our presence in downtown Salisbury and throughout the region, but abundant opportunities remain for partnerships of all kinds that erase boundaries, perceived or real, between campus and community. We can expand efforts to welcome people to campus to experience high-quality cultural events, exhibits, performances and educational opportunities, while also engaging students, faculty and staff with wider community constituencies in powerful and transformational collaborations. Public programming that focuses on questions of public policy provide the wider community with opportunities to effectively exercise their democratic responsibilities, while we courageously and impartially engage in complex issues (e.g., economic, racial, environmental) together. These partnerships serve economic and workforce development needs, help to improve quality of life, protect our sensitive environment, and make our community stronger. We also conceive of community broadly, through service and other engaged learning experiences for students in study away and study abroad experiences. Community engagement and outreach will continue to be central to the institution’s mission as a regional, comprehensive university.

Objective 4.1 - Advance and promote community engagement efforts.

  • Strategy 4.1.1. Leverage the Entrepreneurship Center to facilitate economic development in the region.
  • Strategy 4.1.2. Explore the needs of the regional community and businesses to determine how we can better serve them.
  • Strategy 4.1.3. Enhance reciprocal interactions and engagement between the campus and the greater community.

Objective 4.2 - Expand engagement of alumni, families and friends with the SU community.

  • Strategy 4.2.1. Expand alumni events and encourage greater interaction between alumni and current students.
  • Strategy 4.2.2. Expand and continue to develop a comprehensive parents and family program.
  • Strategy 4.2.3. Explore the development of a Friends of SU program.

Objective 4.3 - Enhance and expand local partnerships.

  • Strategy 4.3.1. Enhance healthcare partnerships and a community-based approach to health care education.
  • Strategy 4.3.2. Expand academic program partnerships with secondary education and postsecondary institutions.
  • Strategy 4.3.3. Enhance partnerships that provide internships and applied work experience for SU students while supplying the local community with workforce assistance.
  • Strategy 4.3.4.  Explore revenue-generating partnerships and opportunities.

Objective 4.4 - Support community-based learning and community-engaged scholarship.

  • Strategy 4.4.1. Develop a mechanism to encourage students, faculty and staff to participate in civic and community engagement efforts.
  • Strategy 4.4.2. Identify and explore the expansion of synergies between the Volunteer Center and the Institute for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement (PACE) and other student activities to serve the local community.