The following are questions faculty have asked, but if you have another question not answered here, please refer to Documentation. If your question still remains unanswered or if you need other assistance related to either the development of your APR report or using the APR System, please contact Sarah Winger.

If you have general questions about why Academic Program Review is important and worthwhile as well as advice for how to make the APR process as productive and efficient as possible, the article "Avoiding the Potholes of Program Review" from the Chronicle of Higher Education (Halonen & Dunn 2017) is a good read.

Resources to Assist with APR

One of your best sources of information is the Office of University Analysis, Reporting & Assessment (UARA) and/or its website. The website will take you to editions of the Fact Book, APR support materials, assessment and planning materials, and other resource links.

APR-related Contacts:

  • Dr. Richard Wilkens; Associate Provost of Academic Affairs (x84085)
  • Karen Greer; Program Management Specialist, Office of the Provost (x84085)
  • Dr. Kara Siegert; Special Assistant to the President, Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment (x82864)
  • Dr. Sarah Winger, Assessment Coordinator of UARA (x36025)