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Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit Policies/ARTSYS

General Transfer Policies

  1. Transferred coursework is not included within the Salisbury University current or semester or cumulative GPA calculations. Likewise, Salisbury University coursework repeated at another institution will not impact the current or semester or cumulative GPA calculations. However, coursework grades from other institutions may be used along with coursework completed at Salisbury University when determining eligibility for participation in major and minor programs and other study options.
  2. Students must complete 30 of the last 37 hours of coursework at Salisbury University. However, students enrolled in approved cooperative programs or study abroad options may request to have additional coursework included in their final 37 hours.
  3. Coursework completed at other institutions is evaluated for transfer by the Registrar's Office. Credits earned in or transferred from a two-year institution will be limited to 64 credits, with the exception of special articulation agreements. These credits may only be applied to credit at the 100 or 200 level. A maximum of 90 credit hours four-year institutions, and 64 credit hours from two-year institutions, may be applied to the 120 credit hour minimum required for graduation. Transferred coursework may be used to satisfy General Education requirements at Salisbury University and, when approved, coursework requirements for major and minor programs and other study options.
  4. Official transcripts of all coursework completed at other institutions must be received by the Registrar's Office prior to preregistration at mid-semester of the student’s first semester (fall or spring) at Salisbury University. The University reserves the right to refuse the transfer of coursework where official transcripts are not received in a timely manner.
  5. Questions related to the posted evaluation of transferred coursework should be directed to the Registrar's Office. Appeals should be directed to the Academic Affairs Office within one academic year of the student’s first attendance. Evaluations which are more than one year old are not subject to appeal.

International Credit

Transcripts must be submitted in their original version, in English, with a GPA listed on a 4.0 scale and with credits comparable to SU credits. Otherwise, a professional course-by-course evaluation of all foreign academic transcript(s) is required. This professional evaluation will determine your academic level within the American system of education. The prospective students will be required to pay the cost associated with obtaining the evaluation. The cost of a course-by-course evaluation is approximately $100-$150 USD. The following credential service has been approved by Salisbury University:

World Education Services (WES)

Salisbury University does not necessarily endorse WES. Obtaining an external evaluation service does not guarantee acceptance or awarding of credit by Salisbury. However, it has been the experience of the Registrar's Office that this university generally honors the assessment of credit to be awarded by WES.