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Traveling on Grant Funds

Finding Funds for Travel

Funds from programs inside SU and funds from external sponsors can be used to cover travel costs, and can be combined to cover the cost of your trip. For instance, if you are traveling to a conference, you can combine funds from your department, your dean's office, and your faculty mini-grant to cover the entire cost.

Use the links to the right to find resources available on campus or from your school. If you have an external grant, check with your grant manager about using those funds to travel as well.

Travel Policies on Grant Funds

Once funds for travel have been secured, they can be used to pay for travel expenses ahead of time (i.e., charging your registration, flight, hotel, etc., to your grant) and/or to reimburse you for allowable expenses (shuttle costs, hotel, meals, etc.)

Note: Everyone traveling on SU grant funds must abide by SU Travel Policies.

Out of State Travel Forms

In planning your grant-funded travel, the standard Out-of-State travel form should be used. On the bottom half, list the account number(s) being used to pay for your travel. This may be your grant account or fellowship number, a number of your mini-grant, or a number provided to you upon receiving a travel grant.

If you are combining funds, list each account number, and the amount of the total to be applied to each.

This form must be signed by your supervisor, dean, and grant manager, and must be on-file with Kaye Gibbs ( | 410-543-6067) in Accounts Payable 30 days before your trip. Any pre-paid parts of your travel (flight, hotel, registration, etc) should be arranged with Kaye Gibbs.

Travel Expense Reimbursement

For those portions of your travel not pre-paid, use the expense reimbursement form. At the top, list each account number to be used, and the amount to be applied to each. Leave the "approval" column blank - that will be initialized by the budget administrator or grant manager for each account.

Travel policies on what can and cannot be reimbursed during your travel can be found on the Accounts Payable site.