For Student Research

Student research at Salisbury University has become one of the distinguishing characteristics of our mission and has brought us national recognition. The IRB/Committee on Human Research strongly supports student research so long as it is conceived and carried out in a way that insures the rights of human subjects are protected.

The Committee would like to remind faculty and students alike that any research undertaken by students as part of or related to University courses or activities is subject to review by the committee. That is our charge as mandated by federal statute, the University System of Maryland and our own ethical responsibilities as committee members. (Code of Federal Regulations, Part 46, Title 45 and University System of Maryland Policy on Human Subjects: 105.0 IV-2.10)

In the last several years, the increased number and variety of undergraduate and graduate student protocols involving human subjects and full committee review have greatly increased and have caused some problems both for the students and the committee. Understandably, it takes time to identify, develop and propose a protocol and it takes the committee a fair amount of time to work through these protocols. This has created a “crunch” often near the end of the semester that has left students and committee members increasingly frustrated. As such, this section of the website offers considerations when preparing an IRB application.

Please keep the following points in mind when working on research proposals for IRB review:

  • Feasibility: please be certain that your research can be conducted within a semester time frame (if applicable). When planning the study, please do not assume that an IRB application submitted close to mid term will be approved in time for the student to complete the research before the end of the semester.
  • Deadlines: please see the deadlines listed below regarding the submission of IRB applications and their projected processing time. If the research requires a full review, please plan accordingly.
  • Responsibility: Students cannot submit an IRB application on their own for full committee review. Your faculty mentor will need to serve as the Principal Investigator and you serve as the Co-Investigator. All researchers (faculty and students) must attend full committee reviews.

All research must be conducted within the guidelines set out for the Protection of Human Subjects. You are responsible for making sure the IRB application is completed in its entirety and for responding to any questions sent to you by the committee members. Failure to do this will delay your research or prohibit it from being completed, which would in turn affect your grade in your class.

Considerations for Protocols: