University Research Council

The University Research Council (URC) at Salisbury University was introduced in Fall 2010. Its mission is to provide advice and assistance to the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research (DGSR) on the development of research initiatives, research-related administrative processes and research policy. The URC is an advisory body that may consider any matter of policy and procedures regarding research conducted in support of the Salisbury University mission.


The DGSR and two representatives from each school (to be appointed by the Dean of each school) serve as regular members. Representatives serve for two years and may be reappointed.


The URC meets monthly with special meetings called as needed.

Current Membership

  • Fulton School of Liberal Arts:
    Dr. Karl Maier, Professor of Psychology
    Dr. Kristen Walton, Professor of History
  • Henson School of Science and Technology:
    Dr. Robert Joyner, Associate Dean, Henson School of Science and Technology
    Dr. Melissa Stoner, Professor Math & Computer Science
  • Perdue School of Business:
    Dr. Memo Diriker, Director, BEACON
    Dr. Kirsten Passyn, Professor of Management & Marketing
  • Seidel School of Education:
    Dr. Randall Groth, Professor of Education Specialties
    Dr. Scott Mazzetti, Professor of Health & Sport Sciences
  • Administration:
    Dr. Clifton Griffin, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
    Teri Herberger, Director of Sponsored Programs
    Donna Knopf, Graduate Studies and Research