Welcome to the Annual SU Student Research Conference (SUSRC)

Thanks to all who participated this year! Please check back for information on next year's conference.

SUSRC 2020

  • Conference Program: please check back for the SUSRC 2020 Program
  • Conference Orientation: TBD
  • Conference Date: May 1, 2020 (12:30-7:30pm)

SUSRC Committee

  • Jessica Clark, Biological Sciences
  • Lisa Ball, Henson Dean’s Office
  • Moushumi Chakraborty, Library
  • Brian Hill, Economics and Finance
  • Sherry Maykrantz, Community Health
  • Allison Seth, Art
  • Aurelie Van de Wiele, Modern Languages
  • Timothy Werner, Health and Sport Sciences
  • Donna Knopf, (Support Contact from Graduate Studies and Research Office)

About the SUSRC

The nature of the student experience is evolving at Salisbury University. All of SUs schools and departments are encouraging research-oriented partnerships between students, university faculty, and local businesses, a trend at many universities nationwide. Salisbury University is at the forefront of an ongoing attempt to have undergraduate and graduate students involved in cutting-edge scientific and professional research. The experiences of working closely with colleagues in a research group help students gain needed experience and discipline as they become professionals.

Each spring semester, Salisbury University holds an annual Student Research Conference. This is a great opportunity for our students to showcase and celebrate significant accomplishments in research and performance across as many disciplines as there are available in a university environment. In addition to traditional presentation panels and poster sessions, the conference may feature projects as diverse as music and theatrical performances, fine arts and graphic art displays, workshops and poetry readings.

Note: Students who would like to present at the poster session must submit abstracts as soon as possible. Only 90 poster presentations will be allowed due to high demand.


Submission questions or concerns can be directed to: