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Geoenvironmental Science at Salisbury University

About the Geoenvironmental Science Program

The Geoenvironmental Science Program at Salisbury University strongly prepares students to pursue professions in geology, hydrology and environmental science. A geoenvironmental background offers knowledge and experience that can lead to a variety of career paths. Many graduates with a degree in this field work for the government, in environmental consulting, natural resources (oil, gas, coal, minerals, construction aggregate, water, soil) exploration and development, preservation of the natural environment, restoration from environmental damage, and the mitigation of geohazards such as earthquakes and landslides.

SU’s program is committed to field work and experiential studies, ensuring students receive intensive, hands-on learning. The coursework required for this degree provides a solid undergraduate knowledge base, which serves as a strong foundation for students continuing on to graduate studies or onto a career in the geosciences.

Courses of Study

The courses in the Geoenvironmental Science Program prepare students for a broad number of jobs in the geosciences, including oil and gas, environmental services, and mining. Many states require that professional geologists acquire a license in order to work in their state. This track is specifically designed to give students the necessary background knowledge needed to successfully complete state licensure exams.

Visit our catalog to see the requirements for this program:

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You can also see a handy curriculum guide that shows you a suggested course of study to graduate with the major in four years:

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