How Will You Vote?

City of Salisbury General Election


Absentee Ballot

  1. Applications can be submitted electronically, the simplest way to apply is with OLVR, Maryland’s State Board of Elections OnlineVoter Registration website.

    Enter information in OLVR just as if you were registering. Ensure that Current Residential Address (Step 3) is the address where you’re actually registered. Your Mailing Address (Step 4) is where you’re living right now, which may be different than your residential voting address.

    If you live in an SU dorm, your mailing address is Your Name, Salisbury University, Campus Box ----, 1101 Camden Ave., Salisbury, MD 21801.

    MD driver’s license number or MVA issued ID number is required. Absentee Request is in Step 9.
  2. You can also apply for an absentee ballot application from the Maryland Board of Elections, download the Absentee Ballot Request form, complete the form and mail, fax, or email as an attachment to your local board of elections.
  3. Apply for an absentee ballot at the U.S. Vote Foundation website and click on "To Vote/Absentee Ballot" link and follow the onscreen instructions.

 Note! If you just finished registering to vote and also completed the absentee ballot questions, visit the final page of this series (You Are Ready!).