Maryland or Change Your Residence

Step 1:

Before continuing, please read the following important information:

As a student, you can either be registered at your parent’s home or where you go to school. If you register in Salisbury you can participate in local government and vote in person rather than absentee ballot. If you do not consider your parent’s home to be your permanent home and do not intend to return there after school, your school address may be your “official” address when you register to vote. If you are one of the few individuals who has a geographically-bound scholarship, please check the rules of your scholarship in regards to your permanent home before changing where you are registered to vote.

Also, whether you register using a paper form or Maryland’s Online Voter Registration website, your Current Residential Address may be different from your mailing address. Current Residential address is your "official" address.

For example, if you live in an SU dorm, your mailing address is Your Name, Salisbury University, Campus Box ----, 1101 Camden Ave., Salisbury, MD 21801.

Current Residential Address for students living in St. Martin’s Dorm is 1115 St. Martin’s Dorm Salisbury, MD 21801. Current Residential Address for all other SU dorms is 1117 Salisbury University Dorms, Salisbury, MD 21801.

Students with a residence in City of Salisbury are automatically registered for state/ county/ and national elections.

If you're making changes in the county or state you're currently registered in, you must complete Parts A and B on the registration form.

Step 2:

Now, to register or change your residence visit the Maryland State Board of Elections Online Voter Registration website. You can also request an absentee ballot or change your party affiliation, if you wish.

Note: Return to this page after submitting your registration application.

Step 3:

You are almost finished! Go to the final page in this website for How Will You Vote?.