Helpful Links

Federal Government:

Check out these links to find out important information regarding the latest public policy initiatives, White House mandates, Supreme Court cases, or research information on a specific Cabinet-level department or executive agency.

  1. The United States Federal Government
  2. United States House of Representatives
  3. United States Senate
  4. The White House
  5. The Supreme Court

State Government:

Click on these links to find information specific to Maryland politics. From information regarding voter registration to a history of Executive Orders, keep informed by following these links.

  1. Maryland Executive Branch
  2. Maryland State Senate
  3. Maryland House of Delegates
  4. Maryland Court of Appeals
  5. State Board of Elections

Local Government:

For students, faculty, and community members, these sites are a useful tool to stay current in local politics. Be sure to frequent the Mayor's Emergency Alert Announcement tab or browse the County Executive's webpage.

  1. Wicomico County Executive
  2. Wicomico County Council
  3. Salisbury Mayor's Office
  4. Salisbury City Council

Political Thought and Activism:

A hallmark of PACE is to remain informed and educated. Be sure to browse these links to find information on political parties and ideologies.

  1. Republican Party
  2. Democratic Party
  3. Reform Party
  4. Libertarian Party
  5. Green Party
  6. Natural Law Party
  7. Idealist
  8. Rock the Vote
  9. Independent Sector

Salisbury University:

Check out all that Salisbury University is doing to promote civic and political engagement and development!

  1. Center for Conflict Resolution
  2. Business, Economic and Community Outreach Network (BEACON)
  3. Scarborough Student Leadership Center
  4. Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative (ESRGC)
  5. Salisbury University Volunteer Home Page

Political Research Organizations:

For the political research student or the curious community member, follow these links to pinpoint important information regarding a specific policy issue or view the latest statistical research on public policy.

  1. Consortium of University Public Service Organizations (SCUPSO)
  2. Campus Compact
  3. Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management
  4. American Political Science Association Online
  5. American Society for Public Administration
  6. American Association for Public Opinion Research
  7. IBM Center for The Business of Government
  8. YouthVote 2000
  9. Rock the Vote
  10. Leon & Sylvia Panetta Institute for Public Policy
  11. John Glenn Institute for Public Service and Public Policy
  12. Campus Compact: Raise Your Voice Program
  13. Henry L. Stimson Center
  14. Hudson Institute
  15. Cascade Policy Institute
  16. The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
  17. The Heritage Foundation: Policy Research and Analysis
  18. Economic Policy Institute
  19. Institute for Policy Studies
  20. National Center for Policy Analysis
  21. Public Policy Institute of California
  22. Brookings Institution
  23. Pew Center on the States
  24. Center for the Study of the Presidency
  25. The Congressional Institute
  26. Political Science Quarterly