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Political Action Information

Salisbury University:

Check out all that Salisbury University is doing to promote civic and political engagement and development!

Local Government:

For students, faculty, and community members, these sites are a useful tool to stay current in local politics. Be sure to frequent the Mayor's Emergency Alert Announcement tab or browse the County Executive's webpage.

State Government:

Click on these links to find information specific to Maryland politics. From information regarding voter registration to a history of Executive Orders, keep informed by following these links.

Federal Government:

Check out these links to find out important information regarding the latest public policy initiatives, White House mandates, Supreme Court cases, or research information on a specific Cabinet-level department or executive agency.

Political Thought and Activism:

A hallmark of PACE is to remain informed and educated. Be sure to browse these links to find information on political parties and ideologies.

Political Research Organizations:

For the political research student or the curious community member, follow these links to pinpoint important information regarding a specific policy issue or view the latest statistical research on public policy.