Civic Engagement Across the Curriculum (CEAC) can help in many ways! 

  • Chance to work with faculty members in other disciplines and develop professional contacts
    • Networking is at the heart of CEAC with our annual social held each September. Becoming a CEAC alumni gets you invited!
  • Ability to hear constructive feedback from peers regarding your course and CEAC project
  • Session devoted to the Institutional Review Board process
    • At CEAC, we care about YOU. After this session, you will be well-adept at completing the IRB paperwork.
  • Your final CEAC project can be used as the 4th credit hour in your course
  • $500 travel stipend to help you with your career goals
    • Stipend can be used as soon as you submit all the required work for CEAC
  • Professional assistance with your CEAC project even after the CEAC course has ended. Just shoot us an email and we are here for YOU.