Why Study Film?

For well over a century, film has represented one of the most powerful global means of communicating the local, national, and transnational stories that matter to humankind. Understanding the power of films to reflect reality is part of being a culturally literate and engaged citizen in the fullest sense. The study of cinema is important on a microcosmic and a macrocosmic scale: it allows you to explore the interconnectedness of personal visions, artistic and technological developments, social changes, as well as processes by which cultures and nations are defined through audiovisual means.

Our Film Concentration program within the Department of English will provide you with a well-rounded understanding of films and their power in different contexts. The study of cinema is expansive and interdisciplinary: a full understanding of individual films entails understanding the specific cultures, histories, societies, and media industries that led to their being made. Thus, our program is designed to encourage students in other fields outside the major, being especially complementary to courses and minors in other arts subjects (notably theatre, literature, photography, fine art), languages, psychology, politics, history, international studies, ethnic and intercultural studies, philosophy, marketing, sociology, and computer science.

Our Film Concentration program fosters specific skills of

  • visual and verbal literacy
  • writing
  • creativity
  • collaboration
  • leadership
  • problem solving
  • critical thinking
  • advanced research

Our degree will prepare you for a wide variety of vocations in publishing, media, editing, teaching, information technology, cultural affairs, public policy, as well as business. This degree will also prepare you with vital skills for graduate study.

In summary, the power of film to shape our understanding of the stories and ideals that matter is surely reason enough to prompt serious study. By studying film at college level, you will potentially pave the way for a lifetime of understanding cinema and appreciating its meaning. You will also equip yourself with numerous transferable skills. Our graduates are employed in many different kinds of employment: they apply the skills of analysis, attention to detail, creativity and ingenuity that are fostered in our courses in their own terms.