Honors College Committee

Committee Bylaws

The purposes of the committee shall be to:

A. Oversee all phases of the University Honors Program; and

B. Serve in an advisory capacity to the Director of the University Honors Program, including;

i. Elaborating and reviewing the requirements for admission to the Honors Program;
ii. Formulating the Honors Program Curriculum;
iii. Developing standards of achievement for continuance in the Honors Program; and
iv. Formulating the fiscal budget for the Honors Program.

The committee shall have seven voting members: five members of the Faculty (one elected from each school and one elected from the library) serving 3-year staggered terms; and the two principal student officers of the organization composed of participants in the Honors Program. The Director and Associate Director of the Honors Program shall be non-voting ex officio members. The Director of Admissions or his/her designee shall be a non-voting, ex officio member. Should an elected faculty member not be the Designated Senator, a non-voting Designated Senator shall also serve on the committee. The committee shall elect its chairperson annually.


Honors College Committee (designated senator: Alexander Pope)

  • Chair: Stephen Habay and Angeline Prichard
  • Faculty Representatives:
    • CHHS Timothy Werner 2018-2019
    • Fulton Corinne Pubill 2018-2021
    • Henson Jennifer Nyland 2018-2021
    • Library Angeline Prichard 2017-2020
    • Perdue Timothy Stock* 2017-2020 (* no Unit nominee, elected at-large)
    • Seidel Stephen Habay* 2017-2020 (* no Unit nominee, elected at-large)
  • Students: 
    • Eleanor Brown
    • Austin Dabbs
    • Mollie Jewell
  • Ex Officio: 
    • Elizabeth Skoglund (Admissions)
    • Andrew Martino (Honors Dean)
    • Stacia Kock (Honors Faculty Director)

Other Documents

Task Force Report: The Salisbury University Honors Task Force Report prepared by members of the Honors Task Force in December, 2010.

Response to Task Force Report: The Honors Program Committee's response to the Salisbury University Honors Task Force Report. This document in not dated specifically but is mentioned in the minutes of Faculty Senate Meetings in September, 2011.

NCHC Standards: The standards for both an Honors Program and Honors College set forth by the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) and how Salisbury University's Program compares to these standards.

Letter to Chancellor: The letter sent to the Chancellor in July, 2015, requesting permission to transition from an Honors Program to an Honors College.

Proposed Administrative Structure: The proposed administrative structure of the Honors College. Approved by the Honors Program Committe in March, 2015.